2016 Dodge Journey – New Midsize Crossover

2016 Dodge Journey – New Midsize Crossover

2016 Dodge Journey Hoyte Dodge

Kids in the back seat, Mom and Dad enjoying music on the in-car entertainment system. Traveling in comfort to the movie or on that long anticipated vacation. The new 2016 Dodge Journey is the modern midsize crossover providing the transportation. Performance, safety, comfort, versatility, low cost and design make this a family happy.

America’s Fasting Growing Midsize Crossover

The acceptance of the CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) for travel is growing. With the versatility and option to lower rear seating for additional cabin space when carrying needed item’s from the market or super hardware store. Standard 5-passenger stating or available 7-passenger seating put the 2016 Dodge Journey at the top of the Crossover list for buyers who want comfort, economy, and the best fuel economy all-in-one.

2016 Dodge Journey Dash Hoyte Dodge

Comfort is with front bucket seats for the driver and passenger along with optional 3rd row bench seats. Steering wheel mounted controls, telescoping and tilt steering wheel, speed sensing steering,  and front dual zone air controls.

Safety is improved with break assist, electronic stability control, anti-whiplash front head rest, dual front side impact airbags, traction control, just to name a few that put this crossover at the top of the buyers list.

Fuel Economy with Added Power

Starting with the 2.4L 16-valve 4 cylinder engine with outstanding 173 horsepower and a fuel economy rating of 26 MPG highway and a driving distance of 500 miles on one tank of gas, the vacation just got more affordable. If more horsepower and torque is needed consider the award winning 3.6L V6 24-valve VVT engine.  With a six-speed automatic transmission and front wheel drive this engine also delivers an outstanding 25 MPG highway. So for a quit and powerful ride with the best in fuel economy the Journey is fast becoming the choice of families.

When considering your next vehicle purchase a great selection of new and used Dodge Journey’s are available for sale at Hoyte Dodge located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. We may be contacted by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at  hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on New Specials and Used Specials. You can like us on Facebook, pin us on Pinterest, or follow us on Twitter.

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The New 2016 RAM 2500 – Made To Tow

The New 2016 RAM 2500 – Made To Tow

2016 RAM 2500 Towing Hoyte Dodge

Trucks are designed to work. It might be pulling the family boat to the lake for fun and fishing, pulling the travel trailer to that favorite vacation location, or a tractor to the work site. Selecting the proper truck for the towing requirements needed to get the job done is an important decision. Some manufactures advertise theirs is the best. The 2016 RAM 2500 has the lead when it comes to performance, quality and durability. With the most powerful diesel engine on the market today or the famous HEMI gasoline engine there is no wonder the 2016 RAM 2500 is the truck to get the job done.

They All work Together

Towing a trailer requires a complete truck. Starting with a strong frame, the proper motor and transmission along with a strong suspension.

The frame on the new  2016 RAM 2500 is designed for heady-duty work. Constructed of 50KSI hydroformed steel it has additional cross members added for additional strength and support. Front and rear rail contours are placed to provide secure suspension components and mounts giving added strength to the overall frame.

Five Coil Suspension System

A strong suspension is required to support heavy loads and provide a smooth ride for the driver and passengers. The 2016 RAM 2500 has a Five-Link Coil Rear Suspension system consisting of a proprietary spring technology of five-link coils to help reduce overall friction without sacrificing heavy-duty towing capability.

Rear Air Suspension Hoyte Dodge

Heavy-duty towing requires a strong and adjustable rear suspension system. The 2016 RAM 2500 has it all. Available is a class-exclusive rear air suspension to level the rear of the truck. On a smooth road or rough terrain with the push of a button the driver can select from two ride heights to level the payload and trailer. This is provided by automatic electronic adjustments to maintain a level load.

Three Engine Choices

Of course the power plant is the lead when towing. Engine power and torque play the most vital role. The selection of the proper engine to do the job is very important. At Hoyte Dodge we specialize in providing all the necessary advice to make this choice.

Gasoline powered engines start with the famous legendary power of the 5.7L HEMI® V8. This engine has the revolutionary hemispherical head that was developed for maximum power and fuel efficiency in the American Muscle Car era. It has endured through the years and is now at the top of the line in performance and reliability. 383 HP, 400 LB-FT of Torque, Towing of 13,870 lbs, plus a Payload of 3,040 give this engine impressive performance. In addition 10,000 mile intervals for oil changes help lower the cost of maintenance.

Stepping up to Best-in-Class gas horsepower the powerful 6.4L HEMI® V8 engine delivers the additional boost required for heavier towing. This powerful engine uses the same hemispherical technology as its smaller companion. The cylinder bore and stroke have been increased for greater displacement. Fuel Saver Technology has been added to assist resulting in increased power and efficiency. This state of the art engine comes in at 410 HP with 429 LB-FT of Torque, Towing 16,300 lbs, and Payload of 3,970 lbs.

For the best in heavy duty towing the Best-in-Class 6.7L Cummins Diesel engine is designed for that heavy duty work. This exception engine generates a whopping 370 HP and 800 LB-FT Torque and for the heaviest of towing 17,970 lbs with a payload of 3,170 lbs. Step up to 15,000 mile oil change intervals and a class exclusive smart diesel exhaust breaks for maximum World-Class-Towing.

Of course no engine will perform without the best in transmissions. The 68RFE Heavy-Duty 6-speed automatic transmission multi-range, electronically controlled for optimized gear-ratios this transmission will meet towing and hauling requirements.

For the new 2016 RAM 2500 truck visit Hoyte Dodge for the best deals and service. We specialize in trucks for work, pleasure and transportation. We are located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas.  Contact us by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us at hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on new and used truck specials. Like us on Facebook. Pin us on Pinterest or follow us on Twitter.

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2016 Jeep® Cherokee – New Design

2016 Jeep® Cherokee – New Design

2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited Hoyte Dodge

New for 2016 is how to describe the new  2016 Jeep® Cherokee. Starting with the world-class craftsmanship that has made the Jeep brand famous, This midsize SUV is a stand out. A futuristic body design and more room in the cabin highlight it’s superior design.

Designed for the Future

2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited Rear View Hoyte Dodge

With a newly designed front grill in the new 2016 Jeep® Cherokee has a much wider tailgate to allow for easy access to the storage area and redesigned rear LED tail light for more visibility. Twin exhausts accent the rear along with highly visible front LED headlight for improve road driving conditions. Overall the redesign of the body is impressive. Flowing lines from front to rear give this SUV beauty in motion.

The interior now has available leather seats with additional leg room for both the front and rear seating areas. A 5-inch Uconnect display accents the dash to go anywhere and enjoy places only a few have been with the confidence that you are always in touch with your location. Bluetooth® connectivity is standard along with hill assist and 8 passenger airbags.

Performance Driving

Jeep® is the leader in the market in 4X4 systems and the  2016 Jeep® Cherokee is at the top of the line. Switching from two wheel drive to four wheel drive with rear axel disconnect is seamless on the highway or off-road. Power from the available 2.8L 4-cylinder engine producing 184 horsepower or the more powerful 3.6L V6 producing 271 horsepower will maintain energy and torque. Selecting the proper system to meet the driving conditions is important and the sales department at Hoyte Dodge will assist in making the proper decision.

The new 2016 Jeep® Cherokee is available from Hoyte Dodge in the Limited, Trailhawk, Latitude and Sport trims.  We are located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. Contacted us by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at  hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on new and pre-owned specials. You can like us on Facebook, pin us on  Pinterest, or follow us on Twitter.

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2015 Jeep® Renegade – A Jeep for Adventure

2015 Jeep® Renegade – A Jeep for Adventure

2015 Jeep Renegade Black

People are looking for adventure. A way of getting out and enjoying the great outdoors and satisfying the adventure that lives in all of us. By nature most people are not comfortable being in an office all day every day. They want to get up and enjoy fresh air and the scenery that causes excitement and relaxation. The new 2015 Jeep Renegade is designed just for this purpose. Built on a small footprint as a vehicle for everyday use in the city, then on the weekend or a long relaxing vacation it is designed to go wherever the driver’s adventure’s are take him.

Space for All

The 2015 Jeep Renegade is designed with easy access for all passengers with four-door’s and a rear lift hatch for easy access to the rear cargo storage area. Resembling the larger family of Jeep SUV’s and with the famous look and comfort of a Jeep making it the most capable subcompact in the market. The Jeep Renegade has an open air feature that allows even more open air driving and viewing.

2015 Jeep Renegade Sun Roof

The “My Sky” sunroof lets the sunshine in. Designed for open-air it has dual-panels that lock in place or may be removed for that perfect view. After removal it is designed to lay flat in the rear cargo area of the Renegade.

This all new Subcompact Crossover SUV is available in five different trims that starts with the economy priced Sport. The Latitude and Limited trims will include additional options designed with more interior and exterior capabilities. For off-road travel the top-level Trailhawk® is perfectly suited for narrow roads and tight places making access to that remote stream or lake a lot more accessible. Adventure starts here.

Best Engine’s Available

The 2015 Jeep Renegade has the option of two engines. Starting with a 1.4L turbocharged engine producing 168 horsepower and 14 lb-ft of torque and a six-speed manual transmission. This engine has proven quality and reliability in the Dodge Dart. If a larger more powerful engine is desired the 2.4L is up to the task with 184 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque. This equates to more towing power. It is available with a new nine-speed automatic transmission.

2015 Jeep Renegade snow

When traveling either in the mountains on snow or ice, on the beach in the sand the Renegade 4X4 is equipped with Selec-Train® to assist in maximize traction. Four driver selectable modes in Auto, Snow, Sand, and even Mud can be adjusted for the most adverse driving conditions. In addition the Renegade Trailhawk has a 5th mode for climbing in rocky conditions.

Start your next adventure in a new 2015 Jeep Renegade from Hoyte Dodge.  We have a large selection of New and Used Cars, Trucks, and SUV’s to choose from.  We are located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. Contacted us by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on new and pre-owned specials. Like us on Facebook. Pin us on Pinterest or follow us on Twitter.

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New for 2015 – The RAM Laramie Limited

New for 2015 – The RAM Laramie Limited

2015 RAM Laramie Linited

When RAM decides to make changes and improve the design and look of their line of trucks they go all out. This year the new  2015 RAM 1500 Laramie Limited is no exception. Whow!! this is a beautiful truck has beauty that stands out above other truck brands. It has a distinctive new design which sets it apart.

Trucks these days are becoming more luxurious and comfortable. To quote Bob Hegbloom, President & CEO of the RAM Truck Brand “The fact is, the market for a premium truck is exploding”. RAM Trucks have exploded to the top with this truck.

As a RAM Truck owner we are demanding more and more in styling and comfort. RAM still produces the truck that leads the work force on their journey to supply and build America and the rest of the world.

Bold New Look

RAM Truck listen’s to their owners. When they say they want a new truck design, RAM delivers one. To quote RAM “We put every thing we have into delivering the finest truck on Earth”. The new RAM 1500 Laramie limited stands out above all the rest. With more technology and comfort this truck provides for the needs of the modern family. It might be hauling new shrubs from the nursery, towing the boat to the lake on Saturday and then going out to dinner on Sunday and RAM has produced a truck that is in demand and growing fast.

RAM Limited Grill

The first thing that stands out in this new design is the grill. Accented with large RAM lettering and bold horizontal lovers across the front this grill has a bold and distinctive look. You will know it is a RAM when you see it coming. When it is going away the tailgate has a close resemblance of the front. Accented with large polished  lettering the 2015 RAM Laramie Limited stands out. Just a note: It is loaded with chrome, front to back.


Exclusive Interior

RAM Laramie Limited Cockpit Hoyte Dodge

Start with an all black cockpit accented with real wood and the finest leather and satin chrome. Sit in contoured leather seats with pin strip stitching and accented leather piping. The door panels are leather with inlaid wood above the arm rest. The center console is also leather with accented stitching and the “Limited” logo. Included close at hand on the console is modern technology with a USB port and 12 volt connection. The gauges are inspired by high end watches, surrounded by liquid graphite and highlighted by white lighting.

center console Laramie Limited Hoyte Dodge

Today’s modern world demands the latest in technology and communications. Standard is the next generation 8.4-inch Uconnect system with a eye pleasing design and soft touch control that includes AM/FM/SiriusXM® Satellite Radio,  climate control and 3-D terrain maps along with Voice Command with Bluetooth®, the latest in navigation and steering wheel buttons for safety and enjoyment.

Available with three engine choices that include the 3.0L V6 EcoDiesel, or the 5.7L HEMI V8 gasoline engine in the 1500. The 2500 and 3500’s are available with the 6.4L HEMI V or the powerful 6.7L Cummins I6 Turbodiesel.

Defining luxury at a new level, this truck is also offered in the RAM 2500 and 3500 series. America’s fastest growing truck brand is available at Hoyte Dodge. We are located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas.  Contact us by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us at  hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on new and used truck specials. Like us on Facebook. Pin us on Pinterest or follow us on Twitter.

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