My First Car – A 1948 Dodge Sedan

My First Car – A 1948 Dodge Sedan


Do you remember your first car? I am sure you do. There is an event in everyone’s life that we cherish and do not forget.  My first car was a 1948 Dodge 4 door sedan.  Be patience with me while I reminisce and turn my thoughts back to my high school days. Having just turned 16 and full of life I wanted a car to drive to school, on dates and to show off driving down Main Street in a long possession just to impress our classmates. Back in those days there was barely enough money to provide for the family. My father was the sole provider for the family and was not financially able buy me a car.  I found a 1948 Dodge Sedan for sale. It was not in the best of shape, but the motor was good. Naturally I wanted the latest mussel car like the rich kids had so I could show off and be the hit at school, but this would have to do. I had saved enough money from my paper route earnings to purchase it. Daddy was great and allowed it to be registered in his name since I was still too young.

Now the work began. Saving my money and slowly fixing it up with a new paint job, new upholstery and a custom radio.  A loud radio was must and it still is popular with today’s generation.  As it turned out I soon became a very popular kid in school. Over the next few years after the end of the school day my 1948 Dodge sedan became the place to be. I could carry a lot of friends to the popular hangout and show off with the best.  The front seat was smaller than the back seat making it easier for a girl to sit close. The back seat would carry 4 with space to spare.

Why am I sharing my early years? Mussel cars were popular. The Chevy Coupe along with the Dodge Challenger with a HEMI V8 was the most popular. Here I was driving a 6 cylinder flathead engine with a 3-speed fluid drive transmission that had stood the test of time while running smooth down Main Street alongside the captain of the football team. This was a highlight in my life I will never forget.  Dodge manufactured quality cars back then and continues to do so today.

Dodge Cars Hoyte Dodge

Today the family of Dodge cars is still just as popular. We are all adults now with the thoughts and memories of past days, but the Dodge is still with us. It is still as popular as it was back then. A lot of changes have taken place over the years. The HEMI V8 engine was popular back then. It is still going strong after over 45 years.  Changes have brought us the economic 292-horsepower Pentastar® V6 delivering outstanding fuel economy. Gasoline is not 30 cents a gallon any more.  That old “Fluid Drive” transmission has been replaced with powerful five or eight speed automatic transmissions.

Modern Dodge Models

In 2014 Dodge offers seven different models to choose from, each with a different design to provide for the transportation requirements of the driving public. The Dodge Charger and Challengers are very popular. They still have that mussel car look and fell made popular back in the 60’s. The Dodge Avenger is an affordable family sedan that is popular with young couples, while the popular Dodge Dart has captured the interest of all age groups.

Over the years interest has turned to SUV’s, Crossovers and Mini-Vans. Dodge has not ignored this popular group of vehicles.  Available with different interior designs, the Dodge Durango, Journey, and Grand Caravan will accommodate the specific needs of a growing family.

Dodge  Cars, Crossovers, and SUV’s For Sale

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